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A New Trucking Insurance Risk: “Cut-rate Schools”

More than 20 Toronto-area trucking schools are unregulated, Star finds

There are more than 20 unregulated schools in the Toronto area that help new tractor-trailer drivers get their licenses but put dangerous drivers out on our roads, according to a Toronto Star investigation.

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The Toronto Star felt so strongly about its report by Kenyon Wallace and Mary Ormsby that it pushes for the provincial government to take action in an editorial: “Graduates who do manage to get insured despite their shoddy training will be hired mostly by the most unscrupulous companies, which in addition to fielding unprepared drivers, often cut corners on vehicle safety repairs, thus compounding the risk for both truckers and other motorists.”

The trucking industry already has enough to cope with in terms of liabilities.  Read our feature on cargo theft