7 tips for vacationing homeowners

How to ensure your home isn't a prime target for burglars

With the summer vacation season in full swing, many people pack their bags, lock-up their homes and head out of town. Before leaving for a carefree holiday, however, vacationers should keep in mind that homes that appear to be unoccupied are prime targets for burglars.

“If Ontario homeowners take a few simple and inexpensive steps to ensure their home is not an attractive target, they’ll greatly reduce the chances of being the victim,” said Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) CEO, Randy Carroll, in a press release.

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To give your home a lived-in look while traveling this summer, IBAO suggests the following:

• Stop all mail delivery and cancel any deliveries scheduled for while you’re away;

• Use timers on a few lights as well as a TV or radio;

• Have someone pick up your mail including flyers, notices and catalogues;

• Arrange to have your lawn mowed if traveling for more than ten days;

• Ask a neighbour to park their vehicle in your driveway or have them move your vehicle in the driveway to make it seem like someone is home;

• Ask a neighbour to leave one of their garbage bags in front of your house on collection day;

• Use your work address on your luggage tags so potential burglars won’t know where the empty house is.

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“In addition to these simple suggestions, it would be wise to consider obtaining ‘personal article floaters’ coverage from your insurance company,” added Carroll.  “High value personal items may not be fully covered under your current homeowner’s policy, so it is worth looking into this additional coverage.”

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