5 tips to fight fraud

Staged car accidents and subsequent false claims are on the rise

Fraudulent insurance claims are costing policyholders and insurance companies billions, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). One of the greatest rising threats is staged car accidents and the subsequent claims that follow.

A recent release by Desjardins General Insurance (DGI) offers the following tips to help your clients mitigate these false claims.

1. Leave significant space between you and the vehicles ahead in case they brake suddenly.

2. Be wary if someone waves you in to merge or change lanes as they may be setting you up for a collision.

3. Exercise extra caution when making a left-hand turn because the oncoming car, which may seem far away, could accelerate and hit you.

4. Stay well into your own lane when making double-lane left-hand turns to avoid being deliberately sideswiped by the vehicle next to you.

5. If you are in an accident, be wary if you are pressured or offered money by anyone to use a particular auto body shop, paralegal or medical professional. Ask your insurer/broker for a list of recommended auto body shops.

“DGI is serious about preventing this type of insurance fraud not only because of the financial toll, but also to protect our clients and the general public from unnecessary injury,” said Ken Lindhardsen, vice president of claims operations in Ontario, the Atlantic and Western Regions with DGI. “Drivers can avoid them by being aware of the danger and by being prepared.”

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