3 mobile options for brokers

Use portable technology so your clients can reach you anywhere, anytime.

Have you ever tried to go a whole weekend without checking your email, updating your blog, or even checking your phone for messages? In this age of constant connection, it seems that such disconnected discipline is our generations’ herculean feat of strength.

Nevertheless, this new era of mobile professionals comes with its unique set of challenges, as we are all forced to process a constant deluge of information from Twitter, blogs, Facebook, cell phones, twinning, voice mail and faxes to one’s handheld.

But amidst our desire to opine about simpler days, perhaps its time to rethink the definition of disconnection, and admit to ourselves that for the sake of our business, nay, our livelihoods, we need to stay connected. While many of us may have viewed the umbilical cord like connection to our phones as a problem, it clearly has a positive side as well, allowing us to balance a more flexible work/life schedule.

With all generalities aside, there is much the telecommunications market can offer the insurance industry, allowing brokers to connect to clients while working remotely, all the while providing them with the same communication tools they would have if they were sitting at their desk.

1. Cell Phone Twinning

As I’m sure any broker knows, if you miss a call potential clients will simply find the next broker on the list. This means constant connection with clients is key, and twinning is one answer.

Twinning is a feature that effectively turns one’s cell phone into a desk extension, meaning that when a call is placed to your desk set, your cell phone rings as well. When you answer your cell phone, the desk set stops ringing, and vice versa.

The benefits of this feature are clear in this new age of disconnection, as it allows brokers to break the chains that bind them to their desk, remotely, and spend more time with family—without neglecting their clients.

While its not quite total disconnection, it’s the next best thing and in a time when my business needs to be constantly connected lest you lose valuable clients to the one’s that are, twinning is an option you simply can’t live without.

2. SoftPhone

As the name implies, a SoftPhone is a software-based phone that allows the mobile broker to stay connected to the office while on the road, working from home, or even from within the office. In essence, your office extension now resides on your laptop, and with the addition of a USB headset, you can now make and receive calls directly from your computer. All calls originate from the office, so even when brokers are working from home or on the road they still appear as if they are in the office.

3. Unified Messaging

For those on the road constantly, some form of Unified Messaging (UM) service is a must. UM will group your voicemail and fax messages, and provide visibility of both in your email inbox. The voicemail messages will arrive as WAV files, and the faxes as a PDF. This eliminates the extra perturbing step of calling the office to get voicemail, saving time on the road and perhaps opening up a few minutes for a much-needed cup of coffee.

With these sorts of integrated services the mobile professional can most assuredly save some serious time and money while improving, yes improving, the quality of service they can offer customers.

Jeff Wiener is president of Digitcom. Digitcom has been selling Avaya and NEC voice and communication solutions since 1991. You can find more information about Digitcom here, or visit their blog by clicking here.

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