10 most expensive Toronto neighbourhoods for car insurance

Premiums can reach $2,422 a year in...

Auto insurance is expensive in the north. Of Toronto, that is. (Fort Severn residents will always get a better deal than anyone in the GTA.)

Kanetix data shows a married 35-year-old driving a Honda Civic pays an average of $2,422 a year if she lives in Downsview, North York. But if she moved downtown near Christie St., her premiums would drop to $1,479 a year.

In the second most expensive area, insurance isn’t much cheaper. The same driver in Albion, Etobicoke pays $2,418 a year.

Albion and Downsview contain intersections with some of the highest collision rates in the city–Islington Ave. at Albion Rd. and Sheppard Ave. at Morningside Rd.–which may contribute to higher rates.


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