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Lower Cost Can Affect Care

Letter to the Editor

Dear Ms. King,

The experience you shared in the
December 2009 issue of Canadian Insurance magazine highlights the need for brokers selling travel insurance to educate both themselves and their clients about their policies and how to make a claim.

Selling (or buying) travel insurance isn’t merely about the lowest cost coverage. Brokers should offer flexible products with options that suit the needs of the insured and their trip. They should also look for an underwriter that provides support and ongoing, consistent training.

As you mention in your article, it is important to shop around as there are many different types of policies available and each company offers different benefits. It is important to look closely, particularly with credit card travel insurance, as often the coverage provided is limited. Things to consider when buying a travel insurance policy are:
1) Coverage limits
2) Definition of pre-existing conditions and stability periods
3) Deductible options
4) Trip length–7 days, 14 days, etc.
5) Terms and conditions of the policy
6) Types of coverage available–trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage insurance, etc.

The most important part of your policy is the care you receive if you have to make a claim, or in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency abroad. It is important to consider your travel destination as well. For example, in your case, travelling to a remote area can make it difficult to contact the assistance provider within 24 hours of the emergency, so choosing a plan that does not impose penalties is crucial.

While each claims assistance provider has different requirements, here are a few tips to ensure your claim is processed quickly: contact the provider as soon as possible (this makes it easier to follow up with both yourself and any medical personnel necessary); provide all itemized receipts (even in a foreign language); fill out the necessary forms carefully and ensure that all signatures are provided as requested.

Looking at all these aspects of a travel insurance policy will ensure you are protected when it comes time to take a trip.

Safe travels.

Amber Robinson, Director, Communications, Travel Underwriters,

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