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2013 Aviva Community Fund Winners' Announcement 2013 Aviva Community Fund Winners’ Announcement

On January 28, 2014, the Aviva Canada announced the 10 grand prize winners of the 2013 Aviva Community Fund. The winners were selected by a panel of independent judges after millions of votes were cast by Canadians over four rounds of the competition this past September through December. A total of $1 million will be shared among projects such as Alberta’s flood ravaged Camp Gardner, an extracurricular anti-dropout school program in Quebec, a pony sanctuary in Newfoundland and playground facilities in PEI, BC and Ontario.

Aviva Smiths Falls Swimming Pool Event Aviva Smiths Falls Swimming Pool Event

On Monday, April 8th, the community of Smiths Falls, Ont. came together to celebrate their 2012 win of $99,000 in the Aviva Community Fund to re-open the local swimming pool. This idea was submitted by W.J. Woods Brokerage, under the leadership of Cathy Wood and in collaboration with the Hub. The Hub is the local nonprofit organization that will open and manage the pool. The pool is part of the Galipeau Center in Smiths Falls and is scheduled to open in summer of 2013 now that they have the funds available for the required repairs. This event was hosted at the pool, with staff from Aviva, W.J. Woods Brokerage, the Hub and the Galipeau family all there to commemorate the event. Over 100 community members, including the local radio station, turned out to see the cheque presentation which was followed by an auction to raise funds for programs and operating expenses once the pool is open.

acf_burlington_6 Aviva Community Fund Broker Events

Aviva Canada invited brokers from across the country to celebrate the launch of the fourth annual Aviva Community Fund. Brokers had the chance to meet past winners and learn more about the competition in a fun and social setting. This year, a special category of funding is available to ideas supported by top brokers from across Canada. The $150,000 broker grand prize, sponsored by Canadian Insurance Top Broker, is a great reason brokers should get involved with an idea. You can vote for ideas from September 24 to December 12, 2012. Winners are announced January 13, 2013.


Just as the Aviva Community Fund is getting into full swing for the fourth year in a row, winners of the 2011 competition are seeing their ideas come to life. From skate parks and gardens to accessible playgrounds and camps, even a little change can make a big difference.



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