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  • Two killed during New Hampshire circus tent collapse
  • Tornado ripped through Teviotdale, Ont. on Sunday night
  • Self-driving cars will shake up the insurance industry
  • Texas man survives after jumping and rolling under moving freight train
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Aviva photogalleryCelebrate the launch of the fourth annual Aviva Community Fund. View photos of all the community ideas.





CITB - Latest Issue
June / July 2015 For our regional issue, we head out to The Lake. I mean, there's only one, right? It's always THE lake. Yep, we're doing cottage country! Hey, it just might be safer at the cabin in the woods than in your vay-cay jetliner, and we'll tell you why. Plus Saskatchewan seems to be annexing B.C, and Alberta's changed its political stripes, so what will that mean for the insurance industry? And if that's not enough for you, how about a chariot race...
Corporate Risk – Latest Issue

It's a special issue focusing on Africa, with more than a dozen mini-risk profiles of key countries. We talk to controversial economist George Ayittey, and we use our Passport to visit Ethiopia. Plus a cool feature on biotech investment. Oh, and we're going to put that tune from Toto in your head...

Best Practice
Strength in numbers

Strength in numbers

Take a look at our third column from First Insurance Funding of Canada, filled with networking tips for insurance folks.


Ahhh, France! Home of great wine, 800 cheeses... and cool ways to provide coverage for little Marcel or Madeleine at school. Vive l'assurance! And while we're at it, let's skip over to Germany for policies that cover... wait, really? It's our Global Issue, so we're hitting some very cool places you may have always wanted to see -- and a couple of spots you probably don't want to visit in the immediate future.

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