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  • JLT Re appoints Ed Hochberg as CEO, North America
  • Canadian airlines to have two crew members in cockpit at all times
  • Florida may provide liability insurance for teachers
  • Lloyd’s Reports profit of 3.2billion pounds for 2014
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Aviva photogalleryCelebrate the launch of the fourth annual Aviva Community Fund. View photos of all the community ideas.






January 2015 issueOkay, you're a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, and April is Coming! The show returns (yea). Maybe you're an insurance professional who watched the dragons chomp away on villagers and goats and wondered... Jeez, what's the deductible for that? You thought, Hey, why didn't the Starks have wedding coverage? April is the month for April Fools, so we're putting together a fun item for the UpFront section in Top Broker. Tell our Associate Editor your insurance thoughts on Westeros, just put "Broker of Thrones" in the subject line. Write to: All men must be covered!

CITB - Latest Issue
March 2015 Our provocative cover story this month is on associations: are they actually serving brokers? Or are they just sort of...there. Plus we sent out our cheerful new associate editor to learn just how her fellow Millennials are doing in the insurance world. Turns out, they get a mixed grade. Our theme this month is transportation, so cool features on dash cams, untrained truckers and rideshare drivers. And if that's not enough for you, we have Scrabble. Seriously -- Scrabble needs insurance, too.
Corporate Risk – Latest Issue

The Jian Ghomeshi scandal inspires us to look at how companies should handle crises when their front person gets in big trouble.It's a packed issue, with our Passport on India and our Oracle interview with Ian Bremmer, international risk guru and bestselling author. And we still have room to examine high frequency trades, sanctions against Iran and meth labs in motels.

Best Practice
Are you missing the opportunity to cash in on your client interactions?

Are you missing the opportunity to cash in on your client interactions?

We're introducing a new feature for online: our pithy column on how best to run your brokerage. Each month, Joe Micallef of First Insurance will offer a short, engaging package of advice.

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