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  • Association: Lloyds casualty reinsurance is under pressure
  • RISK: Concussion director defends film, says no compromises were made for NFL
  • Okay, it’s a recession — now what?
  • How insurance might help prevent gun violence
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CITB - Latest Issue
August 2015 It's insurance with an accent this month as we go round the world. Frats in America, different coverage across Europe, and one of our readers lets us have it over the (economic) tragedy of Greece. Plus our intrepid associate editor goes on a three-hour cruise. And then there are actuaries, calculating away...

We're preparing something special to appear on this website soon. Call it our little "Project X." You've given us hints that you're open to reading stories that aren't about insurance or risk, and we listened. So keep an eye on this space, because we've got something very different in store for you. All that's left to say for now is... we promise it'll be interesting!

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